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Fantastic Review

Fantastic local timber merchant. Super friendly staff and prices are either the same or a lot cheaper than at any of the big DIY shops. Highly recommendable and a great example how you can support local people and save money!


Source Google Reviews 18/09/2018

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There can some confusion regarding when we quote nominal sizes against actual sizes.

I hope the following will help to clarify normal timber practice.




This is the actual size prior to conversion by re-sawing or machining this is the size we purchase from our suppliers. There is a charge for converting the timber to a finished sawn size, machine planning or moulded section, which is the difference in price and actual size.




This is the size after conversion by either re-sawing or machining. For example sawn nominal

25 X 150 (1 x 6) after machining a skirting the actual size will be reduced by approximately 5mm and width (20 x 145). You will be charged for the sawn size before conversion not the actual finished size.




We purchase after conversion it will be quoted as its sawn original size but its actual size will be approximately 6-8mm less.


COC September 2018